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Jicarilla Apache Artist Rod Velarde exhibits just a small selection of his
wonderful Native American Ink Drawings in this online art gallery.
Many of Rod's world renown artistic drawings have been purchased
worldwide on media like canvas, parchment, ceramics, and T-shirts.
Mr. Velarde also expresses his artistic talents
through sculptures and jewelry.

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Soldier Canyon Artwerks Rod Velarde - Biography

Rod and his nephew

Rod Velarde, Jicarilla Apache

  I am of the Ollero Clan, I was raised on the
Jicarilla Apache Reservation by my grandparents.

My grandfather's people influenced me a lot in my
designs. He is of the San Indefonso Pueblo Nation
in northern New Mexico.

  My grandmother is Jicarilla and was a basket maker.
From them I learned how simple life can be. We went
to town to get supplies in a wagon
pulled by horses,
round trip took two days.

  I attended formal schooling in the Dulce public schools
until the 5th grade. From there I finished my schooling
in northern Utah, and graduated in 1973.

  I speak my native language, fluent Spanish, and English.
My designs that you see reflects many cultural influences.
I try to use other designs from other nations. From the
pyramids of central Mexico to the land of Chile in
South America, and to the Pagodas of South Korea.
I use what I learn from these trips to create songs
and apply these experiences to my creations.

  My formal art instruction is from the Colorado
Institute of Art in Denver, Colorado.
I received a degree in commercial
art and advertising.

"The 3rd Chungju World Martial Arts Festival", Chungju City, South Korea.

Traditional Dance, Ollero Clan
Rod Velarde and his family, with Namsoo of Korea
Left to right, front row: Adina (daughter), Jo (wife), Rod, and Namsoo
Left to right, back row: Derwin (cousin), Jared (son), Antonette (daughter-in-law)

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